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People don't change; they only become more so.

Sam Platt
"To see a world in a grain of saind / And Heaven in a wildflower / Hold Inifinity in your hand / And Eternity in an hour." -- William Blake
"A wilder'd being from my birth / My spirit spurn'd control, / But now, abroad on the wide earth, / Where wand'rest thou my soul?" -- E. A. Poe

Nothing pleases me more than contentment, a warm drink in hand on a cold night, or being alone in the middle of the bush when it's raining.
8-bit theater, a perfect circle, absinthe, akira, alchohol, alpha shade, anime, aphex twin, apocalyptica, apples, art, arthur c clarke, astrology, beach, beauty, beer, beethoven, benharper, bettering myself, bill baily, black books, books, boots, bruce springsteen, buddhism, calvin and hobbes, camping, cars, childeren of bodom, classical music, computers, cradle of flith, creating, cthulhu, ctrl alt del, cult, cult horror, cult scifi, cults, dire straits, disturbed, diy, drawing, dream theater, dream theatre, driving, drowning pool, dukkha, dune, electronics, elephant gun, endorphin, enigma (the band), eric clapton, evangelion, everything, fear factory, fire, flames, frank herbert, freefall, friends, games, gaming, ghost in the shell, gin, god, gods, goth, gothics, guitar gods, guitars, hatha yoga, hellsing, in flames, karma, kneeboarding, korn, learning, led zeppelin, legacy of kain, lego, lost, love, manga, mangoes, mark knopfler, mead, metallica, midnight syndicate, monty python, movies, mudvayne, music, naruto, new experiences, new-age music, nge, ninjas, nosferatu, paul simon, pavlova, pda's, penny arcade, people, philosophy, photoshop, pink floyd, plasticine, psi, psychology, rama, reading, religion, riding, rob zombie, robin williams, ross noble, sci-fi, scotch, scurfing, series, sinfest, sleeping, something positive, soul reaver, soulfly, south park, spineshank, stabbing westward, static x, static-x, strawberries, superheist, swimming, tchaikovsky, terry pratchett, tetris, the beach, the black sorrows, the goodies, thinking, tool, unkle, vampires, vodka, water-skiing, wine, yngwie malsteen